GE UPS VCO Series VCO 1000 230V, 1KVA, VFI

GE’s VCO Series of UPS ensures a continuous supply of clean,conditioned power to all critical
loads, protecting against system interruption, data corruption and data loss.

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GE’s VCO Series Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is a true double conversion
Voltage and Frequency Independent (VFI) UPS, providing the highest level of
protection to all loads. Regardless of the quality of power from the grid, the
VCO Series will create a brand new sine wave with a fully regulated voltage and
frequency; the supported load receives a constant, moderated supply. When the
grid power fails, the battery seamlessly steps in to continue the supply and allow forenough time to finish the current process before gracefully initiating an automatic shutdown of the load until the mains returns.

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Input voltage/V


Output voltage/V

Output Frequency /V


Harmonic Distortion

Efficiency - Eco Mode

Back up time - std backup

Dimension (WxDxH) mm

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