MAKELSAN Line Interactive UPS Lion Plus Series 650VA 

Ideal for computers,routers/modems,game consoles and other electronics in home or small office.
Secures your data and your equipment by protecting against power outages.
Easily install anywhere thanks to its small size & compact design
With AVR corrects low and high voltage conditions without using the battery
UPS can start without mains
LCD Status Display and audible alarms
Plug easily to PC, HD TV, internet gateway,) thanks to IEC or Schuko outlets
Easy management and monitoring from PC
Equipped with data line surge protection (Internet/Tel/Fax)

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Ups can start directly in battery mode even without mains.
High Performance DSP Microproccessor Technology enables high reliability and availability.
Thanks for AVR function, adjusts high and low voltage fluctuations to safe levels for computers and electronics, saving battery power for power outages.
Lion X batteries are permanently recharged , even when off.
Lion X Ups can be managed easily from your PC via its USB port and cable, automatically integrates into Windows/MacOS/Linux power management for safe system shutdown and analyze and manage UPS parameters, with Ups software.
Thanks to various electronic protection features, Lion X Ups extends its service life. In case of overload, low/high voltage, short circuit, the Ups protects itself by shutting down before the connected loads are damaged.

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Input voltage/V

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Output voltage/V

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Dimension (WxDxH) mm

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