CHAUVIN ARNOUX Insulation and Continuity Tester C.A 6526

Chauvin Arnoux C.A 6526 is a simple-to-use insulation and continuity tester designed for industrial maintenance operations.

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With the CA6526 as part of your equipment, you’ll be able to test insulation resistance, current leakage, PI/DAR ratios, continuity, voltage, frequency, resistance and capacitance. It is particularly popular for use in planned periodic insulation tests on installations and equipment. This helps prevent incidents by detecting ageing and the premature deterioration of insulation characteristics.

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Accuracy / Input impedance

Operating frequency

Test voltage

Range at maximum test voltage

Measurement range

Test voltage (I < 1 mA)

Display of test voltage

Accuracy of test current

PI/DAR ratios

Timer (min:s)

Discharge time (at 25V)


Accuracy / Open-circuit voltage

Measurement current

Compensation of cables

Measurement range / Resolution


Line length


EMC / Electrical safety

Compliance with standards