ROLLER GRILL Induction Hob PIS 30

Designed and industrialized in France, the professional induction hob PIS 30 is equipped with a professional generator, a removable filter and a ventilator to prevent overheating. This concentrated technology ensures a longevity of components of more than 15,000 hours. The professional induction cooktop PIS 30 is fully dedicated to catering professionals for intensive use.
This French technology of professional induction has been developing for 28 years. It represents the 8th generation of continuous improvement.
The professional induction cooktop PIS 30 is a compact and robust hob. The high-resistant glass ceramic plate (no mechanical expansion up to 700 ° C) is fixed on a induction box of 3 kW.
After selecting the power level, the temperature rise is ultra-fast. 1.5 liters of boiling water in 2 minutes! (Test carried out with a stainless steel pan Ø21 cm and its lid)

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