ROLLER GRILL Heated Warming Display WD 780 D

The heated showcase WD 780 D features a unique ventilated firestone heating system!
– The firestone placed on the Incoloy heating element accumulates, releases and spreads the heat in the showcase. It guarantees a sufficient temperature (72 ° C) of meat-based snacks such as nuggets, meatballs or delicacies.

– The 2 fans spreads the heat evenly throughout the showcase

– The electronic thermostat regulates the temperature from 20 to 90 ° C with a precision to the nearest degree.

– A water drawer allows a humidity control essential to keep moist and delicious the sweet pastries and delicatessen.

This ventilated heated showcase, equipped with 4 LED ramps, highlights and keeps warm in quantities quiches, pizzas, fondues, meatballs, pastries and so on. The display is supplied with 3 grids (670 x 433 mm each). It can receive Gastronorm GN 1/1 dishes, 400 x 600 mm dishes or 3 American dishes.

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