ROLLER GRILL Gyros Grill – GR 60 G

The GR 60 G, a very flexible vertical gas grill with many possibilities of use!
The vertical gas grill GR 60 G can cook or reheat a spit of 25-kg-kebab or gyros meat thanks to 3 infrared burners with safety thermocouples. The independent regulation of each gas burner enable you to vary the cooking from low position to large flame.

For even cooking, the back and the heating sources of the grill gyros are adjustable according to the volume of the “carrot of meat” or spit of meat.

This vertical gas grill is equipped with a 600-mm-high spit. This rotating spindle placed in front of the heating source of the gyros grill can support up to 25 kg of beef, lamb or poultry.

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