ROLLER GRILL Electric Salamander Grill-SEF 800 B

The professional electric salamander grill is equipped with 3 Incoloy armoured heating elements. After a 15-minute preheat, this electric salamander can cook or grill food all day long. The armoured heating elements ensure a stabilized heating temperature at 400 ° C.
The electric salamander SEF 800 B with fixed top can defrost, heat, brown, glaze, grill dishes or toasts, gratins, onion soups …
The commutator allows independent control of the 3 heating zones.
This fixed-roof salamander is equipped with a rack and 4 levels. This salamander with fixed top is completely open on 3 sides to accept dishes of any size.
The cheese-melter SEF 800 B with fixed top can be easily cleaned: the grid and the lower plate are completely removable. The Incoloy heating elements can be wiped with a soft cloth once the electric salamander is off and cooled down.

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