ROLLER GRILL Rotisserie – RBG 30

The gas rotisserie RBG 30 can roast 30 pieces of poultry or 20 large free range chickens on 5 spits. This vertical grill is particularly suitable for caterers and roasters on markets and also in supermarkets.
This gas rotisserie of high capacity is equipped with 5 double infrared ceramic burners and safety thermocouples. Each burner is regulated by an adjustment knob with idle position.
Each of the 5 spits of the rotisserie is driven by an independent and ventilated motor.
A large juice-collecting tray recovers the cooking juices. It can also keep warm some potatoes which are well watered by the juice of chicken cooked on the spit.
The market rotisserie RBG 30 is easy to clean: the juice-collecting tray is completely removable. The spits can be easily removed by hand.

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