ROLLER GRILL Griddle Plate PSR 600 GC

The gas griddle PSR 600 GC is a chromed steel plate highly appreciated to sear foodstuff.
The plate of the gas griddle PSR 600 GC is 10 mm thick. This steel plate is coated with a chrome decor. The temperature rise of this gas griddle is 7-8 minutes. The thickness of the plate is enough to perfectly sear some food like meat, fish or vegetables thanks to quality polishing.

The chromed coating of the steel plate is made in the factory by 3 polishing passes. The chrome decor plate ensures excellent heat transfer. This cooktop is only used with wooden or silicone spatulas to avoid damage of the chrome coating.

Thanks to its perfectly smooth appearance, the chromed steel plate allows very good contact cooking for a direct heat transfer to the food to be cooked. This gas griddle PSR 600 GC is widely used in large kitchens of high level restaurants.

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