SHIMA SEIKI SFF152-T Semi-Jacquard Type Flat Knitting Machine

The SFF152-T specialty machine is based directly on technology derived from our best-selling computerised flat knitting machines.
The compact and space-saving SFF152-T specialises in such applications as plain, rib and tubular knits in panels as well as accessory parts such as collars, plackets and pockets.

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The SFF152-T features a twin-carriage configuration complete with transfer capability, and is a cost-effective solution for supplementing production with specialty items.

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Knitting Width

Variable stroke, max 60 ” (152cm )

Tandem Width

Max 27 ” ( 69cm ) x2

Knitting Speed

Max 1.2m / sec. Knitting speed varies according to yarn, gauge and other knitting conditions.
Speed can be programmed for 3 separate categories.

Stitch Density

15 levels, electronically controlled


Motor-driven. 1 / 2 pitch to the left and 1 pitch to the right.

Knitting System

Single cam system, twin carriage


Back-to-front transfer to the right.
Front-to-back transfer to the left.

Takedown Device

Changeable 3 levels, automatically adjustable on each level.

Side Roller

Changeable 3 levels, automatically adjustable on each level.

Side Tensions

8 on each side. Brake disk with multi-step adjustable dials. Both sides standard.

Yarn Carriers

8 normal carriers

Top Tension

16 units. One-touch easy threading. Large knots cause machine stop
Small knots cause 0-9 courses at specified knot detection speed, then automatically resume at set speed

Stop Motion

Yarn break, large knot, fabric pileup, shock detection, piece count, over-torque, program error etc.

Drive System


Special blower operated cleaner

Safety Devices

Emergency stop switch. Emergency power off device.
Full safety cover for noise-suppression and dust-proofing with stop motion sensor and interlock mechanism
Ultra-low speed “crawl” setting. CE Mark. Operation lamp

Operation Lamp

Green/normal operation. Flashing green/normal stop. Flashing amber/abnormal stop.

Data Input

USB memory interface

Control Unit

Built-in controller. Stored program for flat knitting machine.

Control Display

Monochrome LCD panel. Editing possible via display panel operation. Available in English.



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