HASHIMA HN-880C Conveyor Type Needle Detector

Ability for detection of foreign object and homogenization of sensor’s aperture are upgraded by new designed coil unit.
It makes “Material effect” decreased and products passage improved

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The conveyor speed is adjustable for various accessories.
This belt speedadjustment will increase passability of various accessories.

Auto pre checker®
Reduction of the machine pre checking time.
The system checks sensor automatically and no more check each coil one by one.

Environment checking mode
Patent pending this mode can check surrounding environment of the machine easily.

Scalability to peripheral device
It is possible to connect with RFID reader, Barcode reader, and so on.
Optional automatic sorter HS-601 can be attached behind the needle detector.

An operator select 2 type of sensitivility setting 10 stages (100step) / sizing method(6step)
Equipped with a production guider.
New mechanisms achieve low mechanical sound and noise.

Additional information


Detecting Method

Magnet Induction System

Detecting Ability

Fe 0.8mm(120mm)
Fe1.5mm(180mm) sphere or above

Sensitivity Adjustment

DECIMAL(100steps) or SIZING(6steps)

Detecting Width


Detecting Height

120mm(standard)/ 140mm / 160mm / 180mm  (790G  120mm)

Belt Speed


Power Supply


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