BAKERLUX SHOP.ProTM LED is the perfect solution for users looking for an easy-to-use tool that can also provide answers to the needs of pastry
The SHOP.ProTM LED interface
Simple and concrete
BAKERLUX SHOP.Pro ™ LED is the answer to the needs of an easy-to-use convection oven with the possibility of adding humidity to the most delicate and critical baking cycle.

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Designed to shape your cookings
Baking chamber
UNOX ovens use 304 stainless steel with Bright Annealing treatment which makes the surface perfectly smooth and thus improves both the air flow speed and the cleaning results.
The wind shapers
Reversing Fans
High flow fans distribute the air on each pan in a powerful and uniform way. Their anti-bypass front ring further increases the flow and thus allows even faster and more effective cooking.
Safety first
The tray supports of the 6- and 10-trays BAKERLUX SHOP.Pro™ ovens are designed to ensure an easy and safe positioning of the trays.Their structure is wide and thick to last over time and their shape optimizes air flows on food.
The tray supports of BAKERLUX SHOP.Pro™ 600×400 3- and 4-trays ovens are designed to guarantee an easy and safe positionig of the trays.They are made in chromed steel that optimizes the flow of air on food.
Anti-flipping lateral supports
The trays supports of BAKERLUX SHOP.Pro ™ 460×330 3- and 4-trays ovens are made of a chromed steel structure that guarantees an easy and safe support for the trays. The structure is built to last over time and to optimize the air flow on food.
Flag Opening
For any space and any use
The side-opening door of the BAKERLUX SHOP.Pro ovens is designed to guarantee maximum versatility and adaptability in any commercial space. Ideal for installations at a height of more than 1.4m.
Drop-down door
Fast, compact, safe.
Fast to use and made with hinges designed to resist to more than 50,000 openings, equivalent to at least 10 years of use under normal conditions. it allows the installation of the oven in isles or narrow spaces.
The light of the future
LED lighting integrated
High-luminescence and efficiency LED lights uniformly distribute on each tray a white-colored light that does not alter the colors of the food. So you always have everything under control at a quick glance.
Electrical power system
High performance heating elements
UNOX electric ovens use special high-intensity resistance that rapidly produce heat from the very first moment of activation. Performances that you will immediately notice: 20°C – 260°C in just 300 seconds and cooking chamber steam saturation in a few seconds (PLUS models).

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