CONTEXT PLUS 2 Cores Xp Premium Fire Performance Cable – 1.5mm

Low Smoke Zero Halogen emisssons under Fire Conditions
The cable retains continuity for 30 minutes under fire conditions at 830″C Including 15 minutes under fire & water conditions and with a mechanical shock applied every 5 minutes during the full 30 minute test.
Context Plus fire cable Is also approved to meet a 3 hours only fire duration at 950″C & 2 hours fire and mechanlcal shock duration at 830°C.

Context Plus ‘Standard’ Fire Performance Cable has been independently tested and approved by LPCB & BASEC to meet with BS 5839-1:2002+A2:2008 Clause 26.2d Standard, BS EN 50200:2006+Annex E 30 minutes, and BS EN 50200:2006 PH120- under fire conditions.

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