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Information on our farm and commercial pumps...

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Farm and Commercial Pumps

    Davey's range of shallow well pumps for small hotels, villas and apartments, garden sprinklers and small firefighting system.
    The Davey transfer pumps are used for the following applications: general water transfer, sea water pumping, water circulation, desalinized water,
    hydroponics systems, dairy cleaning, and small irrigation systems.

    Here are our 5 best sellers:

>> Davey M series Horizontal
The Davey M Series horizontal multistage pressure systems is designed for larger systems requiring flow or pressure, or where the preference is for all stainless steel pump components, inside and outside.

Control systems include a Torrium Controller for anti-cycling operation and protection against dry running. The Davey M series can also be packaged for commercial or small fire fighting system.
>> Davey 125s
The Davey 125s feature a unique pump casing, cast in strong marine grade aluminum with a Rilsan lining. This ensures extremely high corrosion and abrasion resistance for simple, trouble-free operation in the years to come.

With its pressure vessel and pressure switch it delivers a maximum flow of 126 liters per minute and a maximum pressure of 5.5 bars.

>> Davey Prime Jet 240 pump


The Prime Jet 240 pump is at the top of the range as it delivers up to 240 liters per minute and a discharge pressure in excess of 66 meters (6.6 bars).
>> Davey XF series
The Davey XF series pumps are ideally suited to a range of medium flow duties around the farm, house or factory.

Built for long life, these quality pumps are usually used for:
general water transfer, irrigation, cooling towers, aquaculture, spea rpoint pumps, and hydroponics.

The pump features an IP55 rated TEFC motor, and designed for ambient temperatures up to 50C. The XF 211SS is capable of handling water temperatures of +80C with a maximum flow of 200 liters per minute, and a maximum pressure of 3 bars.

>> Davey Dynoflow 6200
When you need even more water flow for farm and commercial applications, the single stage centrifugal Dynoflow 6200 is your answer.

It offers flows rated up to 460 liters per minute and pressure of up 42 meters. (4bars). The pump body is in Noryl, a highly corrosion resistant material.

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