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WATER - Swimming Pool & Garden Equipment
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Information on our swimming pool and garden equipment...

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Swimming Pool & Garden Equipment

>> Swimming Pool & Garden Equipment

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              Pool Pump                 Easy Filter

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  Crystal Clear Pool Filter

Filtration equipment and wall fittings for residential and commercial concrete swimming pool are available.

Please find below a non-exhaustive list of swimming pool equipment from Davey and Fiberpool:

+ Swimming pool pumps
+ Sand filters
+ Salt chlorinators
+ Mermaid wall fittings in ABS for skimmers
+ Inlet nozzles
+ Vacuum point
+ Water level regulator (auto-top up)
+ Bottom drain with/without projectors
+ Transformers and cleaning accessories.

A team of technical sales engineers are at the disposal of pool builders and individuals for sizing the best filtration system, choosing the appropriate wall fittings, and equipment based on the dimensions and layout of the pool.

    Projects realized :
    Plaine Verte Public swimming Pool

    swimming pool, mauritius, projects                                    maintenance room, pool, pumps, industrial pump
  Swimming Pool (Plaine verte)                   Maintenance Room of the swimming pool

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