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nformation on our maintenance and servicing contracts for UPS...

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    BENEFIT from the power of our UPS!

    power distribution One should not forget that the UPS is responsible for providing suitable power to IT equipment / process machinery, and is thus a critical
    point in the power distribution chain. UPS are, by their very nature, sensitive equipment needing care and constant monitoring.

    quality UPS equipment Our target is to provide a high level of service on top of providing high quality equipment. Below are listed the usual services that we offer;
    however, we believe in being flexible in our provision of service to suit the special needs specific to each customer.

    + Advice and Counseling

Before buying of a UPS, we will go over with you…

    + What UPS is best suited to your application?
    + What other costs must be considered in installing the UPS?
    + What about electricity supply / air-conditioning of UPS room?
    + When to go for redundancy?
    + Does this requirement cater for long-term UPS needs?

    + Design of UPS system configuration

Other questions you might have regarding your system configuration…

    + What is the most optimal way to set up the UPS?
    + What equipment must be utilized to achieve the desired results?
    + Does it need any accessories/options to work the way you want it to?
    + Which additional equipment will be needed in the future?

    + Maintenance contracts

Once we have established your needs for a specific UPS, we will go over our maintenance options with you…

    + Our contracts provide for regular scheduled visits to carry out servicing on the UPS. They also include the availability of our service team for any call for repairs in between two scheduled servicing.

    + 24-hour availability of technical support; 3-hour response time to any part in the island.

    + We can provide a maintenance contract on almost any model of UPS on the market.

    + Rapid repairs due to availability of a large inventory of spare parts

    + Power Quality Surveys

...How safe is your electricity supply?

We can monitor it for you and recommend you the best protection possible for the safeguard of your sensitive electronic equipment.

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