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TEST & MEASURING EQUIPMENT: Multimeters test and measuring equipment, mulimeters
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Information on our Chauvin Arnoux multimeters...

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    BENEFIT from our high technological measuring tools!
    Experience the benefits of Chauvin Arnoux products.
Our multimeters cover all types of measurementand have many convenient functions (backlit display, hold, Min/Max,..). It soon becomes a must for every kind of diagnosis.

  multimetersAC/DC voltage: 400mV to 600V (5 cal.)
  chauvin arnoux multimetreBandwidth: 40Hz-500Hz except cal.400mV (100Hz)
  arnoux multi testersTyp. acc. of 1%+/-1ct for DC, 1.5%+/-1ct for AC
  test and measuring equipmentAC/DC intensity 40mA to 10A (3 cal.)
  measuresTyp. acc. of 1.5%+/-1pt for DC, 2%+/-2pt for AC
  industrialFrequency 1-100Hz to 200kHz (5 cal.)
  electrical measuringResistance: 400? to 40M (6 cal.)
  electricAudio continuity test (R < 40)
  test electric systemsTypical accuracy: 1%. Impedance: 10M (Velec low impedance of 270k)
  electrical equipment4000-count backlit display (10mm digits)
  testing40 segment bar graph
  HOLD / Range / Min. Max. Functions
  Ciode test
  Capacity: 4 to 40µF (5 cal.).
  Multi-purpose shockproof sheath
  Electrical safety: IEC 1010 -1 600V Cat III
  Dimensions: 177 x 64 x


multimeters, multi-meters, multi meter

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