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Information about Installation testers...

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    BENEFIT from our high technological measuring tools !
    Experience the benefits of working with Chauvin Arnoux products.
Whether in a domestic, commercial or industrial environment (earth-earth, earth-neutral or live-earth), the C.A. 6115N electrical installation tester provides over 14 different measurements. With this tester, electricians and verification companies are able to test and certify compliance with standards and therefore the safety of electrical installations.

  meters installation Insulation: 5kO to 600MO at 100, 250 or 500V DC
  measurement 1P earth: 0.15O to 10kO by the 62% measurement method (1 auxiliary rod only)
  earth measurement selective earth measurement by means of a clamp (available as a option)
  meters, meter Differentials: 10/30/100/300/500mA calibres or adjustable from 6 to 1000mA in 1mA increments
         (non-trigger test, measurement of current and trigger time)
  measuring installation continuity: 0.16O to 2kO (I > 200mA) with audible beep
  instalation Loop: 0.08 to 200O (resistance and impedance) - Does not trip =.30mA differentials due to a patented system
         and calculation of short-circuit current (0.5A to 30kA)
  METERS, meter Phase rotation: 20 to 440V AC / 15.3


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