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MENNEKES industrial plugs and receptacles
General Introduction of CEE plugs and receptacles


CEE plugs and sockets base on the “CEE 17” standard (also BS4343) which was introduced in the 1960s and that later led to the a.m. IEC 60309 standard. MENNEKES was one of the first producers of these plugs and sockets; initially MENNEKES did them out of cast aluminium, but soon switched to thermoplastic materials.


CEE plugs and sockets with operating voltages up to 690 VDC or AC, frequencies up to 500Hz and rated currents up to 250A, including plugs and receptacles for low voltage systems have become the standard all over the world.
Basically suitable for indoor and outdoor applications in industry, they are also used on building sites, factories, commercial premises, etc.
CEE plugs and sockets are polarised and non-reversible.

Standard Amperage: 16A, 32A, 63A and 125A
Standard Voltage: 110V, 230V, 400V, 500V, 690V (and special protection voltage 25V and 50V)
Standard Hertz: 50 and 60 Hz, (and special Hertz: 100 – 500 Hz)


MENNEKES CEE plugs and sockets are distinguished by the following features, which facilitate installation and keep maintenance costs to a minimum:

- Made out of thermoplastic material
- Safe and easy to install
- Splash proof or watertight
- Make immediate operation and change of location of machines easy
- Can be used (not installed!) also by Non-Electrician

Ingress Protection (IP)

MENNEKES Products are available in two protection types:

1. IP44 - Protection from solid bodies with a diameter smaller or equal to 1 mm - Splash proof
2. IP67 - Protection from dust ingress - Protection against immersion

Colour Code

The colour of the plug or socket always tells you its voltage. That makes identification easy. Colours are as follows:

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