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MENNEKES industrial plugs and receptacles
Application Areas and Industries

Where is industry, there is MENNEKES. Quality, knowledge and innovation have made MENNEKES one of the leading producers of industrial plugs and receptacles. It’s hard to find a sector or an industry where MENNEKES products are not needed. To give you an idea, here a some of MENNEKES most important key industries:

Automotive Industry

…and all other manufacturing and light industries

Mining Industry

…need especially heavy duty equipment e.g. PowerTOP and EverGUM


... = Original Equipment Manufacturers: high quantities of all kinds of plugs and sockets; machine builders, panel builders, etc.

Chemical Industry

.…need chemical resistant products, e.g. made out of AMELAN.

Docks, Harbours, Shipbuilding

…like Mining: heavy duty items plus large quantities of plugs and sockets for welding

Container Business (Ships, Harbours, etc.)

…very important: every reefer container has a 32A4P400V plug for its power supply. So to keep the cold chain, it has to be plugged in all the time. Container Harbours usually need hundreds of switched and interlocked receptacles.

Power Plants

…high demands for plugs and sockets

Food Processing Industry

…need also articles which can stand aggressive atmospheres and substances

Steel Industry

…heavy duty equipment: PowerTOP, EverGUM, etc.

Research Institutes and Laboratories

…CEPEX for cable ducts

Infrastructure (railways, tunnels, canals)

…during construction and for maintenance, especially EverGUM

Construction Industry

…harsh and wet environment: need IP67, EverGUM *) beside SCHUKO also 13A BS or NEMA sockets are possible

Entertainment Sector

…need many mobile plugs and connectors for lighting, generators, etc.


…workshops, shops, schools, airports, military, exhibition centres, campgrounds, mobile homes…

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