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MENNEKES industrial plugs and receptacles

Impact proof and robust design

You virtually can run over a MENNEKES plug with a car. MENNEKES especially attaches importance on a robust enclosure and does not reduce the insulation thickness of it, which is often practiced as an easy way to reduce costs. Even metal enclosures can’t provide you such an impact strengh as thermoplastic does. Another disadvantage of metal: It is much more expensive.

Corrosion Free

Because they’re made out of thermoplastic material (PC or PA) the enclosures of MENNEKES products are 100% free of corrosion. Again, metal enclosures cannot give you this safety.

Ingress Protection

As said before, you can get MENNEKES articles in IP44 or IP67. IP67 means that you even can drop such an item into water for some time (but not use constantly under water!). Most of MENNEKES IP67 sockets do have a special foamed seal, not only a rubber band which is used by many other manufacturers. This foamed seal ensures easy opening and IP67 protection also after years of use.

Perfect Insulation

What may be the most important point for plastic material is that by using plastic, not metal, the item is 100% insulated. This gives electricians and all persons working with it the best possible protection against electric shock.

UV Resistance

UV radiation does not limit the operation during the life time of an article. MENNEKES plugs and receptacles have been working outside all over the world in hot, dry and sunny atmospheres e.g. in Middle East and Asia-Pacific for years and years.

Chemical Resistance

PC and PA (AMAPLAST) exhibit a good to very good stability against substances like e.g. sea water, detergents, food oils, silicone oil, engine oil, diesel, benzene, and acetone. PBT (AMELAN) is our special thermoplastic for the use in harsh environments such as salt-, coal- and slate mines, construction sites, shipyards, heavy-, food and chemical industry. Beside the a.m. substances it is also resistant to: aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, inorganic acids, soap solutions, caustic soda and potash, coolant, waxes and much more. For protecting the pins and sleeves you can also get every article with nickel plated contacts.

Free of Contamination / Fire Proof

Most of MENNEKES thermoplastics are all free of Halogen, Silicone, CFC, PVC, Cadmium and Nickel. Beside this they provide a good refractoriness and are self-extinguishing. To test this, they went through a glow wire test with 750°C (PC, PA) respectively 960°C for PBT.

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