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  safety lifts Safety drive operation

+ When a car stops between floors due to mechanical malfunction, the car descends to the nearest floor below.

  nuisance elevator Anti-nuisance operation

+ In case of substantial difference between the number of calls registered on the car operating panel and actual load in the elevator, the elevator prevents unnecessary operation by cancelling all registered calls when it arrives at the nearest floor.

  automatic door lifts Automatic door open
    & close time adjustment

+ Door open and close times are automatically adjusted depending on whether the call is a hall or a hall call to increase the operating efficiency.

  car door elevators Car door safety edge

+ Extending the full height of the car door, this device causes the doors to return to the fully open position, should the door encounter a person or obstacle while closing.

  elevator car level Micro levelling

+ An automatic two-way levelling device is provided to maintain the elevator car level with the landing, regardless of elevator load or direction travel.

  automatic car elevators Automatic car light
    & fan turn-off

+ Car illumination and fan are turned off automatically in case there is no hall call or car call, saving energy.

  automatism lifts safety Detection of jammed hall button and exclusion from operation service

+ If a hall button is jammed mechanically, the hall call will be automatically bypassed after being served once, until the problem is resolved.

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