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Information about Dumbwaiters...

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    BENEFIT from our high technological dumbwaiters!
    Experience their benefits of saving time and money.
Floor Type
Window Type

floor type dumbwaiter

  The Floor Dumbwaiter is installed on the same horizontal level with
  the floor of the passage way to facilitate carriage of cargoes
  which are normally carried on handcarts.
  This type is very convenient because it is easy to carry large cargos
  like restaurant labels.

window type dumbwaiter

  The window type dumbwaiter is installed at the height of a man's
  waist, so that customers can conveniently use the system. This type
  is most suited to carry books and documents at librairies, office,
  banks and similar facilities.
  The system also enables users to conveniently and safely carry
  kitchen utensils, food and beverages at the such place such as
  hotel restaurants.

>> Features

  operation features Operation

+ This system is operated by the switches installed on the operating panel at each floor. Once this system starts moving, it continues moving regardless of a call from another floor during operation, and the built-in day circuit enables the system to respond to other calls only after completing the service of the first call.

  signal systems for dumbwaiter Signal Systems

+ When the dumbwaiter starts moving, the "in use" lamp will turn on, along with the floor button lighting of dumbwaiter. When the car reaches the destinations, the buzzer rings.

  door dumbwaiter Door Switch

+ Installed at each landing door, this switch stops operation of the box when the landing door is open.

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