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Information about our Lifts and Escalators


Rey & Lenferna Lifts & Escalators Department with KONE as partner offers vertical transportation solutions according to the purpose of the building. The main segments are categorized as residential, office & retail, as well as public transportation and airports.


In addition, Rey & Lenferna also serves hospitals, leisure centers, hotels and industrial properties. Rey & Lenferna's key customers are builders, building owners, facility managers and developers. In addition, architects and consultants are key parties in the decision-making process regarding elevators and escalators.


For residential buildings Rey & Lenferna offers a wide range of solutions from KONE that increase the amount of passenger space, decrease energy consumption and guarantee good accessibility. A KONE solution is not just an elevator; it’s a complete people flow solution that is designed to last for the lifetime of the building. The solution starts with an analysis of the traffic patterns in the building to ensure the smooth flow of people. During construction, Rey & Lenferna is early on the site, providing vertical transportation for goods and crews.

Rey & Lenferna maximizes the equipment’s performance, availability and safety with preventive maintenance KONE elevators and doors are safe and accessible for all passengers, including families with children and people with disabilities. And, with smart modernization, KONE elevators and doors can operate efficiently and reliably for as long as the building stands.

Office & Retail

Efficient people and goods flow is essential in an office or retail building. KONE’s comprehensive capacity management studies help match the building size and traffic patterns with the type and number of elevators and escalators needed.

Rey & Lenferna’s office & retail solutions from KONE cover both design and performance. With KONE’s selected offers, the customer can be sure of getting the required capabilities and features, and still have the freedom to handpick any detail or design they want to match the building’s aesthetics. When a client steps into a KONE elevator, the smooth ride and stylish interior create a good first impression.

Nonstop service is also part of the building’s image. Rey & Lenferna’s preventive maintenance and modernization services keep the elevators & escalators running smoothly, efficiently and safely. To make people flow even more convenient, KONE has developed a destination control system, KONE Polaris™, which enables more people to travel while minimizing the waiting time. And for your peace of mind, KONE’s e-services let you keep an eye on the elevator performance in real time 24/7, and help you plan future maintenance and modernization.

KONE office solutions create an efficient and accessible workplace in low-, mid- and high-rise office buildings. All of the elevator platforms are powered by the KONE EcoDisc™ hoisting machine, which uses 50% less power than conventional systems. KONE escalators provide compact solutions and the most environmentally friendly installations in the business.

KONE elevators for retail buildings are usually based on the KONE MonoSpace™ platform, which is ideal for passenger traffic in low- or mid-rise buildings. KONE MonoSpace™ freight elevators are for handling goods and materials in all types of retail buildings. With KONE Deco™, elevators can be customized to create even more aesthetic shopping experience. KONE escalators are reliable and cost-effective solutions that reduce lifecycle costs.

Public Transportation

Airports and transit centers face an enormous challenge: crowds of passengers with luggage, hurrying to catch their plane, train or bus. The more complex and integrated the building, the greater the challenge. The flow never stops.

To meet this 24/7 challenge, KONE elevators, escalators, autowalks and automatic doors seamlessly connect terminals and link the transit center to the surrounding cityscape. KONE solutions are cost-effective in long-term operation: their reliability and energy efficiency reduce lifecycle costs. When you look at the total cost of ownership, KONE transit solutions are unbeatable.

For nonstop performance, KONE provides preventive maintenance and modernization for elevators, escalators and automatic doors. Remote monitoring enables KONE to fix a fault before it becomes a problem. KONE maintains the equipment’s performance 24/7.

Public Transportation

A hospital places unique demands on the people flow solution. There is a steady flow of patients, and during visiting hours there is lots of extra traffic. Accessibility and safety are essential.

Rey & Lenferna’s solutions from KONE take care of these challenges. The reliability of the KONE solution depends both on the solid engineering of the equipment itself and on regular maintenance and modernization. Preventive maintenance makes it easy to schedule service at the right time – during off-peak hours when patients will not be disturbed and before minor malfunctions can become a problem. With remote monitoring, maintenance crews can check the leveling accuracy and make adjustments even before anyone has noticed a problem.

KONE elevator solutions are available for various lifting capacity requirements in low-rise and mid-rise hospitals. They are easy to keep in good condition, which helps to maintain the required level of hygiene. KONE elevators are also designed to guarantee a smooth ride with perfect leveling between the elevator and the landing. KONE elevator doors open wide to provide easy access for bed patients or people in wheelchairs. Buttons and controls are designed for easy access by hospital staff and people with disabilities.

For conditioned hospital rooms KONE hermetically sealed doors are the ideal solution. They are low in weight and provide a very good level of noise reduction. This type of door is specially designed for use in operating theatres, laboratories and other room environments where air-pressure control and hygiene are of the utmost importance.

Leisure Centres & Hotels

The convenience of guests is imperative in a hotel. With a complete transportation solution the hotel owner can concentrate on serving the customers and the hotel guest can enjoy the stay.

Since the elevator trip is the guest’s first experience after checking in and the last one before leaving the hotel, it is important to create a unique ride experience that fits the image of the hotel and its high standards of service. Rey & Lenferna’s hotel solutions from KONE provide this with a total offering of equipment, design and services. KONE elevators are designed to create a mood of comfort and luxury, and a feeling of security and convenience for hotel guests. Elevators can also have access control and interior design that matches the hotel’s architecture and décor. Scenic elevators can bring a unique touch to the building. KONE offers both passenger and goods elevators that minimize waiting and travel times. In larger hotel complexes, when there is extensive traffic between two or more floors or building sections, the continuous operation of escalators allows exceptionally smooth people flow.

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