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All information about Shellmax boilers...

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SHELLMAX boilers : Powerful energy solutions

        Thermax presents shellmw the boiler which is a cut above the rest.Designed to meet customers expectations, Shellmax is manufactured
        to impeccable standards of excellence. A whole range of superior features make Shellmax the ideal choice for process requirements.

        >>Technical Specifications

        >> Features

  Better efficiency   Higher steam dryness fraction
  Guaranteed safety   Range of Options
  Globally sourced components ensuring reliability.   Multifuel adaptability
  Ergonomically designed for ease of operations

        >> Designed from customers feedback
        Shellmax is different from the other boilers of its kind because it is designed from customer feedback. A comprehensive statistical survey
        of customer needs was converted into detailed boiler parameters that could be measured, monitored and controlled.
        Giving this rugged and reliable three pass straight flue, shell type boiler, a headstart over the competition.

        >> Better performance
        Better features for maximum benefits:

        + High Efficiency
        Shellmax is designed to give a guaranteed overall efficiency of 88% on NCV. An option of higher efficiency
        of 92% using heat recovery units is also available on boilers of capacity 3 TPH and aboce.

        + High Steam purity
        Shellmax's high steam dryness fraction feature increases useable heat, thus reducing the fuel bills.
        Free board distance of 400mm and a corresponding large disengaging surface assures a minimum dryness fraction of 98%.

        + Safety
        Shellmax incorporates multiple safety features:
        - large water holding capacity between the normal water level and the highest heat transfer surface.
        - Stack temperature switch and fusible plugs
        - Reliable water level controller and burner management system
        - Large heat transfer area guarantees lower heat flux and lower thermal stresses.
        - Corrugated furnaces (for boilers above 4 TPH capacity) and large furnace volumes ensure complete combustion and prolonged furnace life.

        + Better refractory material - Ceramic Wool
        Shellmax uses Ceramic wool as refractory material for better heat resistant properties compared to conventional casted refractories.
        Lighter in weight, it is also more durable.

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