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Information about Thermax Steam boilers...

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thermax, THERMAX, steam, boilers
Steam Boilers

    Thermax presents a wide range of equipment to match industry’s varied heat requirements.
    Thermax’s close familiarity with process industries and its expertise on a variety of fuels including agrowaste ensure the right system
    to match the specific need of the customer.

    Thermax designs and manufactures steam boilers, thermal oil heaters and hot water generators.
    Inspection of Thermax’s manufacturing setup is carried out by reputed agencies like Lloyds and Bureau Veritas.


  textile, distilleries SHELLMAX
        shellmax, oil, gas, fire steam boilers

The Hi efficiency 3 pass boiler (in the range of 1 to 22 TPH) fired on FO, LDO, LSHS, HSD, Natural gas.
Extensively used in the textiles, distilleries & breweries, food processing, beverages, pharma and others.

  garments, hotels, industrial REVOMAX
        revomax, oil, gas, boilers

The efficient packaged boiler fired on FO, LDO, HSD has outputs upto 850 kg/hr F&A 100°C.
Applications in rubber, packaging, diary, garments, hotels and other business.

  reverse fuel boiler REVOTHERM
        revotherm, gas, oil, steam

The reverse fuel boiler fired on light and heavy oil and gaseous fuel. Favoured boiler in several industries like textiles, pharma, breweries and food processing.


  compact hot water generator AQUAMATIC
        aquamatic, hot water generators

The compact hot water generator fired on light oil and gas. Popular with hotels, dairies. Comes in the range of 0.1 to 0.6 million kcals/hour.

  low temperature applications   AQUATHERM
        aquatherm, hot water, generators

The low cost heating option (0.1 million kcal to 6 million kcal/hour) for low temperature applications pto 140°C. In the closed loop pressuried system, water is substitued in place of thermic fluid heater. Safe option for food processing and dairies, drug and pharma, painting and pickling industries.


  multifuel boiler, TPH COMBIPAC
        combipac, solid fuel, boilers

The multifuel boiler (1 to 20 TPH range) that can economically generate steam using a variety of fuel - coal, lignite, wood, oil etc...

  wood, textile industries, TPH, tph   WOODPAC
        woodpac, solid fuel steam boilers

Used in coconut, wood, textile industries. Available in the range 01 to 06 TPH.


  thermal, thermax, oil DELTATHERM
        deltaterm, thermal oil heater

The time-tested thermal oil heater which allows high process temperatures at low operating pressures (Available in ranges of 0.1 to 8 million kcal/hour).

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