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Rocol lubricants for industrial needs...

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    With over 100 years experience of creating lubricants for industrials, the ROCOL range of innovative greases, metalworking fluids,
    lubricants, cleaners and oils
is designed for today's challenging operating conditions.

    Rocol's comprehensive ranges of lubricants are designed for all maintenance needs.
    Applications ranging from anti-seize & assembly through chain & bearing, to open gear & wire rope lubricants; every product is manufactured
    with the expertise you expect of ROCOL.

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  bearing greases Bearing Greases     -- Pictures

  greases bearing Bearing Greases

  water mix cutting Water Mix Cutting Fluids

  chain lubricants Chain Lubricants     -- Pictures

  anti-seize Chain Lubricants

  layout inks Layout Inks

  anti-seize Anti-Seize Products

  anti-seize Anti-Seize & Assembly Lubricants

  penetratant Dye Penetrant Crack Detection

  Wire Rope Lubricants     -- Pictures

  gear, compressor, hydraulic fluids Gear, Compressor, Airline & Hydraulic Fluids

  mould release Mould Release Products

  corrosion Corrosion Protection

  other lubricants General Purpose Products     -- Pictures

  gear Gear Lubricants     -- Pictures

  industrial cleaners Industrial Cleaners

  dry film, assembly Assembly & Dry Film Lubricants

  ancillary General Purpose & Ancillary products

  sealants, pipes, jointing Sealants & Pipes Jointing

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