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INDUSTRIAL - Morris - S4 series Morris industrial wire rope hoists
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Information about Morris wire rope hoists...

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Wire Rope Hoists

Whichever you look at the Morris' S4 it's vesatility, ease of use and reduced costs of ownership shines through. Be it the large rope drum to increase rope life and deliver the lowest headrooms available or the brakes designed to last the life of the hoist with no adjustment, or the improved hook approaches, in the S4 every innovation delivers value. From every angle th Morris S4 is cutting edge technology in wire rope hoists.

In capacities from 500 kg to 800 tonnes and in a wide range of configurations the Morris S4 is the right choice for overhead travelling cranes of all types and many other applications. Standard units designed to meet or exceed FEM IAm, 2m or 3m ratings and explosion proof units are available to suit hazardous environments meeting or exceeding international standards.

We provide you with 4 categories of products...

>> S4 hoist with low headroom trolley

  hoist with low headrrom trolley

With very low headroom and minimal hook approaches the S4 hoist with integrated low headroom trolley is the ideal unit for single girder low headrooms cranes. Capacities up to 12.5 tonnes.

>> S4 hoist with standard headroom trolley

        hoist with standard headroom trolley

The S4 hoist with standard headroom trolley is ideal for installation at locations with limited lateral space. It is also ideal for extreme hoisting heights and heavy loads. Capacities up to 40 tonnes.

>> S4 hoist with double girder trolley

        hoist with double girder trolley

As with all Morris hoist and trolley combinations the Morris S4 hoist with double girder trolley incorporates powerful long life lifting and travelling motors. These are available with the hoist mounted in low, medium or high configurations. Capacities up to 80 tonnes.

>> S4 fixed hoist

        fixed hoist

The S4 fixed hoist is ideal for free-standing, suspended or wall-mounted installation. Capacities up to 80 tonnes.

>> S4 Accessories

  hoist conditioning monitoring Hoist Conditioning Monitoring

  hoist inverters Hoist Inverters

  radio controls Radio Controls


The Morris Mtron brings modern hoist management into the workplace. The Mtron provides increased safety increased productivity, and reduced downtime.

Where ultra smooth operation is required or very precise load movements, in addition to inverters fitted as standard on the hoist trolley, sophisticated Morris VF range of inverters can be supplied to provide advanced hoisting control.

There is a full range of radio remote control units available for the S4, to increase safety and improve efficiency in the workplace.

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