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Information about our Broadbent high grade continuous centrifugals...

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high grade continuous centrifugals >> High Grade Continuous Centrifugals

The Broadbent high grade continuous centrifugal uses the processing techniques evolved from innovative technology developed by NQEA and their partners in the australian sugar industry. These are combined with the proven design features of Broadbent's low and intermediate grade continuous centrifugals to give batch results with continuous operation.

>> Standard Features

The Broadbent SPVH1100 high grade continuous centrifugals has the key features of our successful SPV low and intermediate grade continuous centrifugals with special modifications for processing high grade sugars:

• Stainless steel crystal protection equipment minimises crystal damaged during discharge
• A steep angled, fully perforated stainless steel basket to increase retention time in the centrifugal
• High open area working screens permit constant high throughputs of massecuite
• Automatic wash facilities allowing the precise application of wash water on to the basket screens
• Easy to use operator controls utilising a colour touch screen

+ Optional Features
Broadbent high grade continuous centrifugals can also be supplied with a liquid discharge by dissolving in the centrifugal casing.

>> Process Performance

The advantages of Broadbent’s high grade continuous centrifugal over a typical batch centrifugal include:

+ Advantages
• Low capital cost
• Low power consumption for each tonne of massecuite processed
• Low operating and maintenance costs

>> View the Comparaison between a high grade continuous centrifugal and a batch centrifugal

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