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Information about our Broadbent continuous centrifugals...

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continuous centrifugas, broadbent >> Continuous Centrifugals

Broadbent SPV continuous centrifugals combine superb process performance with a simple mechanical design. Data from both cane and beet massecuit applications show that Broadbent continuous centrifugals give an effective separation with a low purity rise at high sustainable throughputs.

>> Advantages

The design of Broadbent’s SPV continuous centrifugals has been carefully chosen to obtain the ideal balance between capacity, process results and sugar losses.

+ Design advantages include:

• External heavy duty suspension avoiding complex maintenance inside the centrifugal
• Fixed motor mount which hold the pulley belts at a constant centre distance
• Heavy duty bearings designed to cope with high vibration levels

+ Process advantages include

• Effective conditioning of the massecuite with water and steam to optimise separation
• 360° distribution of massecuite on the screens to maximise throughput
• precise wash application on to basket screens

>> Standard Features

+ The standard features of all SPV centrifugals are:

• Central feed and acceleration system to ensure full distribution of massecuite
• Special stainless steel basket which is fully perforated to separate the liquor quickly
• Massecuite conditioning system using water and steam
• Three point external suspension utilising heavy duty vibration isolators
• Simple grease lubricated bearing arrangement

>> Optional Features

+ Broadbent continuous centrifugals can be supplied with the following optional features:

• Feed & isolation valves, manual or automatically controlled
• Special screen configurations to optimise process results
• All stainless steel contact parts
• High and low purity liquor separation within the casing
• Facilities to connect to factory central control system
• Vee-Wire screens for extremely long life

>> View optional features charts

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