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Information about our Broadbent batch centrifugals...

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batch centrifugals, broadbent
>> Batch Centrifugals

The Thomas Broadbent range of batch and continuous centrifugals is one of the most modern and extensive in the world. Backed up by a team of highly skilled, knowledgeable individuals, Broadbent provides a full service of design and specification, supplying single units or complete stations, as well as offering upgrades and conversions for both Broadbent and other makes.

>> Advantages

The design of Broadbent’s batch centrifugals has been carefully chosen to obtain the ideal balance between capacity, process results and sugar losses.

+ Design advantages include:
• Specially designed high performance motors built by Broadbent to give more cycles per hour
• One piece shaft simplifies mechanical design and lowers maintenance cost
• High tolerance to vibration and out of balance forces due to unique conical buffer suspension

+ Process advantages include:
• Low wash water consumption to minimise dissolved sugar and reduce recirculation
• Sharp separation of high and low purity liquors to improve process control
• Clean screen discharge system to minimise sugar left in basket

>> Standard Features

The standard features of all Broadbent batch centrifugals are:

              • Custom-designed and manufactured Broadbent motors
              • One-piece suspension head houses the main bearings and utilises a rubber conical buffer
              • Total sugar removal using the unique Broadbent plough discharger
              • S pecially designed wash pipe to use the minimum quantity of water
              • Downward opening discharge valve allows fast flow of sugar from the basket
              • Broadbent designed and programmed controls for reliable fully automatic operation
              • Easy to use operator controls utilising a colour touch screen
              • Feed control by butterfly valve and secondary drip valve

              • Drives systems available:

+ Three speed pole changing drive
The three speed motor provides a well proven and easily maintained drive option for high cycling continuous operation and gives significant enhanced energy recovery over earlier 2 speed designs.

+ Energy efficient variable speed A.C Drive
Using the latest energy efficient design of frequency converters, speed control is achieved by varying the frequency and voltage to the Broadbent motor. Full regenerative braking from high to discharge speed recovers more power during the cycle with less mechanical wear and maintenance.

>> View Technical Features

>> Optional Features

Broadbent batch centrifugals can be supplied with the following optional features:

• High and low purity liquor separation
• Facilities to connect to factory central control system
• All stainless steel contact parts

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