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Information about Alva Laval's Separation Process...

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alfa laval separation process


    Alfa Laval is a leading global provider of specialized products and engineered solutions. Our equipment, systems and services are dedicated
    to helping customers to optimize the performance of their processes. Time and time again.

    We help our customers to heat, cool, separate and transport products such as oil, water, chemicals, beverages, foodstuffs, starch
    and pharmaceuticals.

    Our worldwide organization works closely with customers in almost 100 countries to help them stay ahead.

  Key Technologies

It is true that we have changed a lot, but our core competences remain the same: heat transfer, separation and fluid handling. Our comprehensive know-how in these fields helps customers heat, cool, separate and transport products such as oil, water, chemicals, beverages, foodstuffs, starch and pharmaceuticals.

  separation Separation
separation systems, processes, process        

Alfa Laval has led the development of separation technology since the company was formed in 1883 in order to exploit Gustaf de Laval's revolutionary invention, the cream separator. Since then, we have continually developed new separation products, solutions and applications that have formed important milestones for many industries. Alfa Laval is the world's largest supplier of separation solutions, holding large market shares in numerous industries.

The product range is based on high-speed separators, decanters and filters for separating liquids from each other or for removing solid particles from liquids. These products are used for many different functions in the food and other process industries, on board ships to purify fuel and lubricating oil, on oil platforms to separate oil and water, in manufacturing industry to clean industrial fluids, and for industrial and municipal sewage treatment.

  heat transfer Heat transfer
heat transfer        

Heating and cooling are essential parts of most industrial processes. These functions have to be performed in an energy-saving way based on highly efficient heat transfer solutions. Alfa Laval's know-how in thermal technology is respected all over the world. We supply a broad range of heat exchangers for heating, cooling, evaporation and condensation. We have achieved world leadership in plate and spiral heat exchangers and also offer the market's most extensive range of refrigeration equipment.

Buildings are heated and ventilated by Alfa Laval's heat exchangers. The chemical and process industries are major users of heat exchangers, as are refrigeration plants and the mechanical engineering industries. We build large heat exchangers for the offshore, steel and power-generation industries. On board ships, heat exchangers are used for everything from cooling of diesel engines to air conditioning.

  fluid handling Fluid handling
fluid handling        

The food, biochemical and pharmaceutical industries are characterized by stringent safety and hygiene requirements. Transporting and directing liquids safely and efficiently are of the utmost importance. Reliable pumps and valves must ensure that the right liquids reach the right process plant at the right time.

Alfa Laval is the world leader in hygienic fluid handling equipment. We manufacture a comprehensive range of pumps, valves and fittings. Our pumps are suitable for liquids with differing viscosities and particle sizes, and our valves and fittings meet high demands on hygiene and precision, whether the end product is a beverage, viscous foodstuff, lotion, cough mixture, plasma, protein solution or tablets.

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