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CATERING EQUIPMENT - Snack catering equipments for snacks
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All information about snack equipment...

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Snack Equipment

    All our equipment is the best to meet your highest standards. The choice of our suppliers is focused on your needs and your expectations
    you specially expressed. That is why we keep being close to your concerns.

>> Panini Grills >> Toasters

    panini grill, single and double, sandwich grills
    The ideal panini grills available in single, double,
    or extra large models.

    bred, sandwich toasters
    Fixed , for slices, and rotating models are available.

>> Pancake machines >> Deep Fryers

    pan cake, crepes, gas and electric faratas and roties cooking
    Single or double, gas or electric.

    deep fryer for french fries
    Stainless steel 5lts, 8 lts, 2x5 lts, 2x8 lts 2x12lts electric.

>> Bain Marie >> Egg Cookers

    bain mari, bain marie cooking equipment
    Stainless steel 1, 2 ,3 bacs, electric.

    electric egg cookers, boilers
    Electric, up to 10 pieces
>> Shoarmas >> Chicken Roasters

    shoarma, gyros grill, kebab, meat grill
    Electric, gas from 2 Kgs to 4 Kgs

    chicken roasters, roast chickens
>> Display Cabinets

  Table mounted or freetsanding models.

    + Hot Display Cabinets:
    Lots of models for a good presentation and conservation

    + Cold Display Cabinets
    The perfect system for a good presentation & conservation

      hot display caninets            cold, refrigerated display caninet
         Hot Display Cabinets            Cold Display Cabinets

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