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CATERING EQUIPMENT - Preparation preparation equipment, the best for food and juices
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All information about preparation equipment...

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Preparation Equipment

>> Stainless Steel Tables & Accessories >> Stainless Steel Sinks & Accessories

    stainless, stain less, steel, table, tables, catering, professionals
    Stainless steel tables. Available with undershelves, drawers etc..
    We can supply custom made.

    Stainless steel working tables with sinks Available with
    under shelves, drawers, and many other features. We can supply
    custom made working tables. Contact us for more information.
>> Stainless Steel Cupboard   >> Shelving

    stainless steel, cupboard, preparation, food, catering, professionals
    Stainless steel storage furniture. We can supply custom made.

    shelving, preparation, shelves, shelf, cooking, catering, professionals
    Stainless steel shelving to facilitate your storage and your work.

>> Food Preparation >> Food Preparation

    Rey & Lenferna carries a wide range of international branded
    preparation equipments.
    restaurants, hotels, collectivities, hospitals etc..

    blender, blenders, blending,preparation, food, cooking, catering, professionals
    + Blenders
    A useful range of blenders are available

    vegetables cutters, vegetable, cutter, food preparation, catering, professionals
    + Vegetables cutters
    In our range you will find the right equipment for your needs.

    + Mixers
    Available in different capacity, ideal for mixing all kind of foods

    cutters, preparation, food, cooking, catering, professionals
    + Cutters
    From 2,5 liters to 60 liters capacity: ideal range for professionals

    juice exctractor, juices exctracting, preparation, cooking, catering, professionals
    + Juice Exctractor
    Extracts all king of juice from 40 to 150 liters per hour
    The necessary equipment for serving delicious juices

    choping board, cutting boards, food preparation, catering, professionals
    + Chopping boards
    Available in different size and colours.

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