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CATERING EQUIPMENT - Bakery / Pastry catering equipment for bakery and pastry
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Information on our bakery and pastry equipments...

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Bakery and Pastry Equipment

    Efficient, accurate, and professional bakery and pastry equipment will allow you to focus on your creation and not on the poor performance
    of your equipment. Our partnership with such brands as Zanussi, guarantee you a consistent and tasty result!

>> Preparation >> Ovens

The perfect brands for your needs
bakery prouver
+ Mixers
From 10 to 250kgs capacity

+ Proofers
A wide range available following your need

pastry equipments, dough sheeter bakeries equipment, dough moulder
+ Dough Sheeters
From 10 to 250kgs capacity

+ Dough Molders
From 10 to 250kgs capacity

deck oven for bakery rotary oven for bakery
+ Deck Oven
1 to 12 chambers, gas,
electric, and diesel.

+ Rotary Oven
The knowledge to satisfy your eact need.

>> Refrigeration

      water cooler for bakeries and pastries     + Water Cooler        

>> Accessories >> Bread making

    A Large range of accessories for bakeries is available.

  bakery accessories, tray, racks

+ Racks: Stainless steel and ideal for bakery oven

+ Trays: Different sizes and types available

 bakery bread slicer, bakeries
+ Bread: The real choice

bakery bread slicer, bakeries

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