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  programmable, controlers, logic Programmable Controlers
        / Logic Controlers

+ Since 1997, we are system integrators and distributors for Rockwell Automation in Mauritius. Our clients include the power, sugar, and food & beverage industry in Mauritius. Our technical team is regularly sent to trainings to keep up to date with technology changes.
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  industrial controls Industrial controls

+ ...
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  HMI, hmi, scada, Scada HMI Scada

+ Today production managers need to see their whole process at a glance. We can provide human machine interfaces to visualise your processes, calculate production data and schedule recipe production.
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  motor protection Motor Protection

+ Motors run your plant and our range of Rockwell Autamation products can provide everything from control, monitoring, diagnosis, and protection of your equipment. At the high end of the architecture, we can connect your motor protection and control equipment on a network. Just one cable can control your whole process.
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  variable, speed, drive Variable Speed Drive

+ We have installed and commissionned variable speed drives ranging from 0.75 Kw to 225 Kw. We have chosen Allen Bradley as our partner for their world-class products, world wide presence and their competitive value. We will advise you on the best technical solutions, whether your motors are running pumps, conveyors, feeders or fans. Saving energy and improving your process conditions is our job.
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