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    BENEFIT from our high technological measurement systems!
    Experience the benefits of working with Endress + Hauher products and equipments.

  level measurement, radar, ultrasonic, pressure Level Measurement

+ Capacities
+ Diferential Pressure
+ Radar Equipment
+ Ultrasonic
+ Vibrating Fork
+ ...
Endress and Hauser range of equipment can measure level of any liquids and solids using guided and non-guided radar, ultrasonic, vibration, capacitive, conductive techniques.

  flow, vortex, ultrasonix, coriolis Flow Measurement

+ Coriolis
+ Electromagnetic
+ Ultrasonic
+ Vortex
+ ...

Endress and Hauser range of equipment can measure any flow of liquids and gases using electromagnetic, vortex, ultrasonic, thermal mass and coriolis techniques. E & H is the leader in flow measurement in the world.

  pressure, diferential, hydrostatic Pressure Measurement

+ Absolute Engage
+ Diferential
+ Hydrostatic
+ ...

Whether you need to measure pressure in near vacuum conditions, high temperature , corrosive materials, Endress and Hauser can provide the solution to your needs.

  analysis, conductivity, oxygen, ph, Ph Analysis

+ Ph / Redox
+ Conductivity
+ Oxygen
+ Turbidity
+ Sludge Level
+ Chlorine
+ Analysers
+ Watersamplers

Endress and Hauser has through the years developed solutions for the water/wastewater, food and beverage, power and mining industry to provide on-line analysis equipment to measure PH, ORP, conductivity, turbidity, nitrates, phosphate and oxygen.

We also carry Endress + Hauser sampling devices.

  temperature, thermometers, RTD, tc, rtd,TC Temperature Measurement

+ RTD Thermometers
+ TC Thermometers
+ ...

Endress and hauser has built a production centre exclusively for the development and prodcution of temperature measurement instrumentation using pt100, resistance thermometers and thermoelements, compact instrumentation and easy to use display units.

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